Power-struggles with a boy…..

by Rod Smith

“The man I am living has a son but when we moved in together I did not think he would be living with us and only see his mother every other weekend. His dad goes easy on him and that’s okay. When I try to say something I’m the bad guy! He told his dad and grandma that I am mean. I just don’t let him get away with stuff like his dad and others do. I have 3 children who know that I don’t let them get away with stuff. The man I am with does not see that his son is running his life. I have been going through this for three years. Please help.” (Edited for clarity)

Three years is a long time to be in a power-struggle with a boy! While you are not married to the father the child will always win. Actually, when you are married, too, your “power” over the father and the son will also be rather limited.

This said, you now occupy no legal position in the family and therefore the father has no motivation to hear what you are trying to say, or to see what it is you see in his son’s behavior.

Give up the struggle. Let the dad and grandma be the “good guys.” Become “silent guy” (regarding the child’s behavior) until you are legally empowered to play your part.

Before I am deluged with mail and told I am advocating for the child to have no boundaries, or advocating lawless behavior for the child, please note, it is not the child who has the issue.

The woman wants power (I am sure for “good” reasons) over the child which she simply does not have. The person who does have the power (the dad), is choosing not to use it!

Marriage might not change anything, but at least it will give dad some incentive to hear his wife about the child.

A legal contract DOES make a difference to a relationship. The woman’s status will change even if the boy’s behavior does not!

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