Dad had a stroke and now daughter is struggling…

by Rod Smith

READER: My dad had a stroke last year but has recovered. During that time I had spent a lot of time caring for him and taking him for medical attention. After his stroke I have been having a lot of panic and anxiety attacks which results in me having high blood pressure and a raised pulse rate. My anxiety is caused when I have a headache, which I immediately associate with high blood pressure. If I have any aches I always associate it with some dreadful health issue. Please advise me as to how I can overcome this ugly feeling as I want to feel secure again and not have that dreaded feeling. Please help me?”

Visit your private physician for a complete checkup. Your experience with your dad has baptized you into a milieu of illness and anxiety, making you hypersensitive to your own potential to be sick. It is understandable that you will think the sky is falling and the worst is just around the corner with every ache or pain. It is time for you to recover from your dad’s stroke, and a visit to your doctor could help set that in motion.

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