Moment of learning….

by Rod Smith

Some “small” events pay me regular visits even twenty-five years later. I had been on a short holiday in Cape Town, and, on my return, took a dozen rolls of film to the CNA at La Lucia mall for processing.

After a prolonged wait in the line (queue), it was finally my turn at the cash register:

“You’ve got a lot of pictures. Have you been on holiday?” said the friendly woman while she rang up my purchases.

“Yes,” was probably my terse reply.

“Where did you go?”

“Cape Town.”

“Can I see your pictures? I have never been to Cape Town,” she said.

“No,” I said, “they are my pictures and I am in a hurry.”

Before I reached my home in Sunningdale I heard the still small voice announce that I really did not need to be quite so cold and unfriendly.

“Go back. Apologize. Show her your pictures,” said the voice within my deepest psyche.

Sheepishly I returned and apologized. I offered to show the woman my pictures. She’d not lost her enthusiasm to see the pictures of my holiday despite having been the brunt of my unearned cold-shoulder.

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