Feeling guilty?

by Rod Smith

A short word about guilt…

There are a lot of guilty people “out there.” I get letters all the time from people carrying huge burdens of guilt, for all manner of mishaps and sins and things done or left undone.

As can be expected I get letters from people who are guilty about things over which they would have had absolutely no power at all (the emotional equivalent of “I am so sorry it is rained on your vacation”) and this misplaced, or assumed guilt has followed them around like a large and burdensome backpack for decades.

Guilt, any kind of guilt, is not a very good motivator. When it pushes (guides, motivates, “inspires” or propels) a person to any act of goodness or kindness, that act is usually sullied or jaundiced because it is not propelled by pure intention. It is propelled by the need to make right, to settle a score or to un-burden.

Getting rid of guilt (even misplaced guilt) is not easy for some – but it can be found through confession, through wise divulgence of that inner turmoil to a trusted friend or a paid professional.

Freedom from guilt is a wonderful, powerful state. And when, by faith, you are made free, you will indeed be free.

One Comment to “Feeling guilty?”

  1. There’s a line in a tear-jerker movie: “Love is never having to say you’re sorry.” Love and self-forgiveness are balm to the soul.

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