My son is dating a woman from another race group…

by Rod Smith

My son (40) is dating a woman of another race group and this is upsetting many members of our family. I have not talked with him about this but I know he knows how I feel. If he marries her this will be his third marriage and he has children from two other women who he divorced. I do not know how to react to this woman and I am sure her family are as suspect of the relationship as we are. Please help. (Letter edited)

Your son is 40! He is already twice married. Surely you have seen that he is making his own way in life and that your affirmation of his choices is probably not too important to him. That his new love interest is a woman of “another race group” ought to be the last of your concerns. I am sure her family are concerned about the man their daughter is marrying, but it is probably not about his race. Their concern probably related to his track-record regarding intimate relationships.

That said, I know many men and woman who have found profound happiness after several former marriages. Embrace this woman. Get over your issues about race and give his new love interest all the support and welcome you can muster.

7 Comments to “My son is dating a woman from another race group…”

  1. Rod,
    I agree, race is the last issue to be concerned with here!

  2. Another race group? I’m sure you must mean canine or bovine…possibly a type of sheep? If color is the issue I wouldn’t worry about that…different colors of skin don’t change the race of that person…they are still part of the human race.

  3. I remind “Forgetful God” that in some countries around the world some people yet have a problem with race……!


  4. I’m aware of that…I don’t think that the country you are from justifies your need to be separate or better than anyone else based on something as ridiculous as color. This is like saying green apples are better than red apples…they may taste different but they’re still apples.

    In the end, our culture, country, or heritage is not an excuse we can use to stop us from growing up and evolving.

  5. Clearly frmo my reply to the initial reader, you can see we (you and I) agree…..


  6. At 40 I Dont think he will make any mistake.
    Let him choose.

  7. I would not be happy if my daughter was dating a 40 year old man, twice divorced with children from at least two women and a family who can’t accept her for who she is. If your Son decides to marry her, you should make sure you welcome her and do all you can to support her as she is the one in the hardest position to be in. Make an effort to get to understand her and swap stories of your cultures … when it comes down to the basics, most races have the same core values.

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