Dreams that disturb…

by Rod Smith

For the past nine years I have been having specific dreams. The dreams are often about my school days, going late for exams, sitting for wrong papers, missing exams totally, field trips / excursions, fights, simple things like that. The dreams are about me and my relationships. I was always studious, well mannered and a nice friendly person easy to get on with people, but these dreams shows a different side of me I felt that I should get into contact with my friends / class mates Searching to find a reason, and for the dreams to stop but they just get worse. They are starting to get more serious and intense, waking up feeling disorientated and scared. The last one, I got up one morning dressed as if it were a normal day arrived at school, people staring my friends running away from me, saying that I was dead and even showed a memorial plaque everything was as clear as day. Is this something I should just ignore hope that one day they will just stop or seek some kind of help? (Letter unedited)

Thanks for writing. There are many persons who consider themselves experts in the analysis of dreams – and I am not one of them! I have published your letter in the hopes that a reader who is such an expert will be able to steer us in a helpful direction regarding your uncomfortable and recurring dreams.

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