Who will speak up for broken-hearted, innocent young men?

by Rod Smith

Notes from a conversation…

“I read and hear a lot of warnings to young men about how to behave with and respect women. I see almost nothing about how young men can also be hurt by women who almost always seem to cast themselves as the victims,” says David (26)

“Tell me more,” I respond.

“More than once I have dated a woman and been very honest and very faithful – while the woman I am seeing is cheating on me behind my back. Then, when it comes out, she assumes a kind of ‘victim mode’ where the man was predatory and she did not know what to do. Then I find out it is not the first time.”

“Why do you think this is not addressed, David?”

“Because it is not cool or manly to admit you have been hurt by a woman. It is not manly to say you were a victim and innocent and felt a lot of pain from what your girlfriend did to you. I wish someone would write and speak about how young men feel after they have been hurt by a woman when they have been innocent and trying to do the right thing.”

(Reconstructed with permission).

One Comment to “Who will speak up for broken-hearted, innocent young men?”

  1. As long as men and women cling to gender identification as a means of labeling who has hurt us, the conflict between the sexes will continue. Men and women are different, we hurt each other, often we’re just trying to get our basic needs met. The idea that one belongs to the other even in a committed relationship is not healthy. No human can fulfill completely the needs of another.

    Be a human first, a man or woman second, and be open and accountable and honest about what you need. This one thing will go a long way toward clarifying the value of male, female relationships and will help the individual let go before hurt is inflicted upon the innocent.

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