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February 23, 2007

Can I make a no-smoking rule in my own house?

by Rod Smith

Reader’s Question: My mother’s new boyfriend smokes a lot and I do not want him smoking in my house. It is bad for my children and leaves a horrible stench for days. What can I do and still welcome my mother’s new friend?

Rod’s Response: I am like you in this regard. I do not allow anyone to smoke in my house (or car, or office). It is bad for everyones health and leaves an odor that most non-smokers cannot smell.

Tell him (not your mother) ahead of time that, while you respect his right to smoke, you have a “no-smoking” policy in your home. Tell him you will be happy to meet him outdoors every ten or fifteen minutes, whatever his need might be, for conversation while he smokes only if he promises not to blow the smoke in your face. If you give him sufficient warning and are appropriately friendly, you will not be rejecting him.¬†¬†Rather you will be protecting your family and home from behavior that is damaging to both.

In your house there is no requirement that you accommodate smoking even if it were royalty that dropped in for tea. In your house you make the rules.