A man with good boundaries……

by Rod Smith

A man with good personal boundaries will trust you so much it might feel uncomfortable, if in the past, you have dated less healthy (lower-functioning) men.

He also……

will not “fall in love at first sight” or even within a month, or very much longer
will not tell you everything about himself within the first few hours of meeting you
will not tell you all the details about his past relationships
will not expect to hear the details of your past relationships
will not blame others for things that do not go well in his life
will not be demeaning of your tastes, job, clothes, your status in life, even if his life is very different from yours
will not tell you how to dress (ever)
will not take your side against others when you might be right or when you might be wrong
will not insist on being right even if he knows he is
will not victimize you in any manner (even using humor)
will not want you to “spend the night” when you have just met
will not be rude to waiters or service persons no matter how bad the service may be
will expect you to have cordial interactions with your former romantic interests
will establish appropriate space from the outset and expect the same of you
will trust you to know what is sound and healthy for yourself, and expect you to to make your own sound assessments regarding whatever you face
will usually give generous tips even if service is not as good as it could be.

4 Responses to “A man with good boundaries……”

  1. I have often thought my boundaries aren’t as healthy as most, but your examples are traits I exhibit as a respectful & honorable person. Thanks for the boost!


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