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July 10, 2006

Wise workplace behavior…

by Rod Smith

Remember why you are employed. Make your specific tasks your total focus. Don’t expect others to pick up after you or to complete your work.

Don’t ever steal anything at all – not time, not telephone calls, telephone usage, mileage, paper, or the use of the copy machine. Dishonesty is most unsettling. “Everybody does it” is enough reason to avoid whatever “it” is.

Never date your boss, colleagues or employees.

Never discuss, except in appropriate meetings with the appropriate people, what you are paid. Never ask questions about how anyone else in your organization is compensated, or give anyone information to colleagues about your own wages, salary or benefits.

Never discuss your domestic circumstances, your financial woes or your sex life at work. If your personal life is troubling, seek help with the appropriate department within your company or seek outside help. Don’t attempt to turn the workplace into a support group or therapy ward.

Learn to mind your own business. Help others to do the same by politely refusing, during work hours, to engage in conversation not directly related to the work at hand. While you are not at work to make friends, this should not stop you from being friendly.