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July 9, 2006

Age is just a number — will this relationship work?

by Rod Smith

I (22) am seeing a man (53) who is three years younger than my father. He says age is just a number, and that I make him feel 22 again. He’s been married twice to women who were both unfaithful. He is not going to tell his son (21) and daughter (25) about us just yet. I am uncomfortable telling my parents about him. Everything feels good except that we have to be secretive. Could this work? (Letter revised)

This is unlikely to be the stable, secure, relationship you probably hope for. If “age is just a number,” I must assume the man has also dated women who are eighty-plus-years-old in search of a faithful woman.

Apparently age is not “just a number” when it comes to introducing you to his children.

I’d suggest you terminate this secretive alliance. Find a man both you and your parents will readily embrace. Suggest he seek help to discover his role in choosing to marry two unfaithful women.

I wonder if your suitor would be comfortable were his son dating a fifty-year-old woman.

The age-is-just-a-number line, in his case, is such nonsense – don’t buy it.