A reader writes….

by Rod Smith

Hi Rod:

I read your column (in our morning newspaper) everyday and it’s like you already know me. I have just ended a horrific relationship which ended on a very bad note. I was trapped under his spell for three long, painful years. Lots of crying, and my poor heart was so trodden on. He is an alcoholic and had dangerous temper tantrums including smashing five of my windows in my flat whilst my children were with me. He nearly died with the injuries and as a result has a messed up hand which will haunt him forever.

It was a relationship that we both knew was bad for both of us. We brought out the worst in each other but loved each other to distraction. He proposed last year, I accepted then called it off at the end of January this year. Months went by with him stringing me along – he didn’t know what he wanted, made up all sorts of excuses and I couldn’t take it anymore. He left with his tail between his legs three weeks ago. I changed my cell number and barred him of sending me emails. He is such a coward and could never stand up for anything or make decisions.

Please keep up the encouraging daily tips.


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