To Middle School people: clothing and how to dress

by Rod Smith

Wear clothes that fit you. If you consider dressing like a good-for-nothing fashionable, do so when you can afford it. Dress very well when interviewing for a job or meeting your grandmother. Remove all body “art” when you are with your teachers, former teachers, parents and grandparents. Don’t get a tattoo. If you have to “express yourself” do it through words on a page or with paint on a canvas.

Boys – don’t “sag.” Your underwear protruding above your pants is most uninteresting. Pull your pants up to your waist. Wear a belt sufficiently tightened to hold your pants above your waist. Wash and comb your hair a lot.

Girls -don’t buy into the typical youth leader’s thinking that suggests that what you wear, as a young women, leads young men to “fall.” Young men have been “falling” for centuries. Some would “fall” if you traipsed around in a zipped canvas bag. The carnal cravings of males have nothing to do with you or your clothing. Nevertheless, be modest. It is wiser than being immodest. Brittany Whomever is not worthy of your imitation. A cursory glance at her résumé (and those of her ilk) will make this clear. Hopefully your ambitions far exceed her achievements.

11 Comments to “To Middle School people: clothing and how to dress”

  1. I know that responding to any post filed under “Humor” and “Almost humor” will inevitably open myself to a barrage of responses ranging from snickers, to criticism or good old-fashioned internet flaming, but I feel compelled to pen a few words. Please read with an open heart.

    Note to all people: on commenting on the style and fashion of other (younger) generations.
    Encourage people to express themselves through their clothing…regardless of their age. Love them for their quirks, fashion disasters and travesties. Stop thinking that you’re being judged by what another person wears – especially if that younger person is in your care!
    Yes, when dealing with _your_ children, feel free to encourage self expression through non-permanent means, but remember that tattoos and piercings can easily be substituted by henna tattoos and other body adornings. Allow younger people to revel in the joys, highs and lows of being their age.

    Whilst I understand (and generally agree with) dressing appropriately to every occasion, why would a person (of any age) have to dress differently than normal when meeting members of their own family? Family are supposed to love you, and support you in becoming the best person you’re trying to be. If, in trying to find out who you are, you dress differently to others; shouldn’t that be supported as a physical manifestation of a worthwhile goal?

    Most girls know that the “carnal cravings of males have nothing to do with [them] or [their] clothing”. By the way they dress, they are simply trying to express themselves, to fit into an important societal or social group, and possibly to be noticed by potential partners. Hang on, that sounds pretty much like people of all ages, doesn’t it? Just because they don’t dress like you doesn’t mean that they’re not using the same criteria for their dressing behaviours as you do.

    There is nothing wrong with imitating (popstar) “Brittany Whomever”. Yes, there may be better rolemodels out there, but most people have many rolemodels – family members, community leaders, sportspeople and yes, famous people.
    But dressing like famous people is not a flaw! I seem to recall there being a social uproar about a guy called Elivs, and those who dressed like him back in the ’50s. Remember, this is nothing new.

    Overall, love people. Love who they are, who they’re trying to be and who they finally become. Love them for their successess, failures and also for their differences…it all adds to the beautiful world that we live in.


  2. wow — thanks… I will read your response thoroughly when I have some time later in the day……… Thanks Neo, for helping me to think! Rod Smith

  3. I understand that this was written as humor and that everyone is entitled to their opinions, likes and dislikes. I commend you for expressing your humor about things you find comical about younger generations in this manner. I am 26 years old and almost all of my co-workers are in their 40’s and 50’s and it gets a little old when they rant to me about what they dislike about the younger generations at work, and I really have no choice as to whether I want to listen or not. I live a conservative lifestyle but I am very open and adamant about everyone’s right to live the life(style) that makes them happy. As I read some of your postings I feel as if you share the same feelings about living your life for you. (I write that statement referring only to people themselves as individuals). As I said it’s great to see you express what you find humorous about younger generations on an open forum and under the “humor” section.

    I do however have to side entirely with Neo’s opinion, especially about loving everyone for who they are and embracing differences. What a boring world we would live in if everyone were the same. Also, what an odd and uncomfortable world it would be to have to ratify your appearance to match those of your parents in order to grace their company. While I would hate to see one of my children get a tattoo at 19, and like almost everyone who done exactly that end up hating it at 30, some people love their tattoos, piercings, manner of dress, and individuality and I applaud that.

  4. i dont know what to wear to Middle school. I really dont want to dress like a freak. I want to be preppy and stand out. I feel i should use a lot of bright colors, but i need a professional’s help. PLEASE help me. I really want to look good on ALL the days of my middle school life.

  5. i know there are school dress codde rules…..but y not let the girls wear short shorts and hollister and abercrombie . y not let them wear tank tops?expressing our own style can help us to better get to know ourselves and the people around us

  6. I so dont no what 2 wear to middle school, i dont want to look lame or something, i really always wanted to be a popular girl, but im a quite girl most of the time in school, anyways, i really need help with fashion, ive searched a bunch of teen fashion already but they are just not right, please help me.

  7. I am going 2 middle school, it’s a new one, they just built it this year. I have no idea what i should wear for middle school, i mean, i want to look cool for middle school, not so weird freak or something. I want to be popular, i am a shy girl, ibut the real me out of school with my close friends, i am always so loud and am nothing like what i am at school. I want to look good. I need to get something with stlye. PLease tell me what i should wear. 🙂

  8. I liked the message as a 12 year old girl, but I would appreciate tips that are more direct, such as “wear plaid”. Due to the fact I am considered an interlectual, I would really appreciate such.

  9. aeropostale
    abercrombie & fitch
    american eagle
    pac sun

  10. Well, I am in Middle school and I have noticed that a few of you other girls have posted. Personally, I get really annoyed when all people say are: be yourself, until I found out what my true style was and if you are asking what to wear than you might not have discovered your true self. Anyway, the look that I love at the moment is 80’s and partially 90’s. My sister would like to call that “scene”. Now just because this is what I like doesn’t mean anything. My mom and I went to H and M and that’s where I discovered my true self. You could try this, go to a store when your mom is going to and ask if you can shop around. If you don’t have time for this because you don’t or if you don’t want to do this, I suggest that you look in your closet or drawers and start pulling. Two classic looks: jeans and a cute white shirt. Maybe throw a cardigan over it for a sweetheart look. Bold is big. When dealing with bold colors and patterns, don’t use too many. an example: stripes and floral dress and shirt=BIG no no. BUT you could do leggings with floral high top keds and a long shirt with a striped boyfriend cardigan on it. If anyone wants other examples of clothing options just reply and I will give you some!!! One more tip: DON’T you DARE wear “the in look” I tried that and I didn’t like it. Unless that style is REALLY you, don’t do it. Try many different styles to get your mind flowing!!!

  11. I’m having difficults to know what to use in middle school. I’m new, so I’ve no idea what to use. HELP!

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