He is driving me crazy (with his jealousy)

by Rod Smith

He is driving me crazy! He goes through my mail. He scrolls the computer to see the websites I visit. I run a daycare. He accuses me of doing stuff with every dad, grandpa, uncle. I have never cheated but I feel as though I am being treated worse than if had. My daughter is 3 and he is like a step dad and has been there all her life. I am afraid if I leave him she will never get to see him and if she does he will tell her dad to start problems. He even has his mom and dad look down at our house to be sure nobody is here. Please write something about what I can do. (Letter edited)

Jealousy is a virus and he is riddled with it. His jealousy has NOTHING to do with you or your behavior. Is this the kind of man you want showing your daughter what men are like? I would hope not! Behave as you would hope your daughter would behave were she to one day find herself in a similar situation. Focus on your behavior and not on his! Unless you get yourself free, things will only get worse.

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