Partner disrespects me; treats me like a doormat

by Rod Smith

My partner treats me like a doormat. I don’t mind doing the things he asks me to do if he’d show some appreciation now and again. I work all day while he is home watching movies and talking to friends on the Internet. When I am home he doesn’t have time with me because he has to focus on getting a job. He gets angry and silent when I am not all happy to see him and the truth is that I am not very happy to see him because he is hard work and very demanding. Please help.

I bet you could tell me every detail about this man’s behavior, yet be stumped if I ask you about your own. He treats you this way because you allow it. When you start to stand up for yourself and you refuse to be abused, he will move on to the next willing doormat. Sadly many women are willing to put up with lazy and abusive men so he will have no problem finding another willing host for his leech-like behavior. You’d be better off without this man but it will first require you to be able to face the prospect of being alone.

One Comment to “Partner disrespects me; treats me like a doormat”

  1. I just want to say that I have been with this guy for 9 years and every month for all of that time he has paid 525.00 for child support. We both have good enough jobs to make a pretty darned good life for ourselves but because he has so much going out each month it really does put us in a bind from time to time. I have told him that it would be so much help if he would just find something to make up the money that goes out every month so that we would not have to go through this each and every month. It ends up that I have to pick up all the slack when he is not able to make the rest of the bills that would be his part of them. I am tired of it…any place but here would have to be better at this point. Then he tries to tell me that because where we live it is too expensive…this is not my fault, I want to live in a nice area, he just needs to get the other half of the expenses in the bank so that it takes the load off of me. I have two teens and all he does is preach to me about how they have no respect of responsibility when in fact he shows me zero. I get so sick of listening to him on the soapbox when he is only mirroring himself in my children. I would expext that teens would have some of these features from time to time, but not a grown man. sign me…fed the hell up!

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