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October 20, 2009

A woman offers appreciaiton…

by Rod Smith

“I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you for helping me turn my life around. I have been reading your column every day since I wrote you months back when I was a jittering useless person unable to make decisions and take that next step for myself. Your response to me regarding the abuse I have been subject to for nearly 30 years was a real wake up call, not that certain things you set out for me had not been said to me before or thought by me before, it was just the way you said it that was the cherry on the cake! I was too afraid to listen. I am still living with my son – 17 months since my husband kicked me out of our home. I do plan to get my own little home in the not too distant future. We are divorced. I have bought myself a decent car. I have actually made contact with the human race, even with men who are able to hold a decent conversation without my being told I am stupid or incompetent. All of this, and more, in the space of about 7 months. My sons are delighted with my transformation!” (Letter shortened)