There are no ugly people

by Rod Smith

Listen closely when people talk to you. 

Most people are aching to tell you who they are. 

They will leave trails, sometimes crumbs for you to follow, and the trails and crumbs will lead you into the deepest, most beautiful and sometimes troubled recesses of their lives. 

But, go ahead and follow the leads. 

I assure you that you will end up in a beautiful place. 

You may have to turn a blind eye to some wrecks along the way, hold your nose in some of the crevices. 

If you persist and hold onto the thought that indeed you are no better than any other human and follow without judgment you will end up in a place more beautiful than the finest artwork the world has to offer. Yes, it is more beautiful because the “Art” to whom you are listening is still in creation, in motion, yet unwrapping and discovering his or her beauty. 

While you may grimace at the idea it is nonetheless true – and I have no desire to sound dramatic – I have sat face-to-face with people deemed ultimate trash by society and a handful afforded me momentary glimpses into their immense beauty. 

Appreciating mountains or a single flower cannot be rushed.

It’s the same with people.

Listen intently. Given time, people will lead you to their unique place of enormous beauty.

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