The 5 Gs may we exemplify them

by Rod Smith

May the Five Gs live and grow within each of us and our families.

  • Gratitude: the capacity to express thankfulness, not as a trick but as sincere appreciation for life and all of the joys and challenges life offers. 
  • Generosity: the ability to give and share more than from excess. Generosity is not giving others what you don’t need, it is giving from what you do need. 
  • Grace: offering kindness, acceptance, a welcome to others when and where it is undeserved. Remember, it is not about who others are, grace is about who you are. 
  • Goodness: seeking the highest good for self and others. It is not selfish to seek your own highest good. Seeking your own highest good is the starting block that makes it possible to be a presence of goodness for others. 
  • Genuineness: living with sincerity and interest in others. Genuineness cannot be faked although many try.   

None of the above will be ours through determination, resolutions or reading some guru or watching another YouTube presentation. It is the byproduct of humility, willingness to listen to others, a desire to learn from our mistakes, and a desire to make good (as far as is possible) on past failings, and then the courage to act on what we know to be good, right, and wholesome.

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