Addicts and addictions

by Rod Smith

Addictions and addicts are swamped in denial.

The use of any substance or participation in any behavior is a problem (is an addiction) for you if even one of the following is true.

As a result of the use of a substance or engagement in a behavior: 

  • You’ve lost, or come close to losing, a significant relationship or your  job.
  • You’ve had a run in with the law.
  • Your children are unsettled by your activities.
  • You have physical cravings when you have been without it for a few minutes or a few days.
  • You violate your values, or appear to have no values, to sustain your activity.
  • You build your life around something people who love you wish you wouldn’t consume or do.
  • Your life – finances, faith, and relationships – has become progressively unmanageable.
  • You hide or you lie about your whereabouts and/or behavior.
  • People who love you are put “on duty” and you expect them to lie for you.
  • People, especially those you love, are embarrassed by your behavior.
  • You hate a list like this list and hope certain people won’t see it.
  • When confronted with this list you argue about definitions, display anger or rage, or write the writer off as an idiot.

Please, get help, AA, AL-ANON, and similar organizations are able to assist you. You do not have to live like this!

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