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August 22, 2021

Teacher impact

by Rod Smith

Readers told me my observations about teachers were appreciated and that they spread all over the teaching world. This is music to my ears. The thing about teachers is they end up living in your head, well, at least in mine. 

When I share something and offer the larger portion to whomever it’s not my goodness you are witnessing. Mrs. Davies (her family owned the dairy) at Red Hill Primary taught me that. Mr. Lendrum was my soccer coach at Northlands Primary. He was a quiet spoken very kind man who loved encouraging his teams. It’s over fifty years later and if I am watching an unkind coach I find myself saying, “We need a little more Brian Lendrum around here.” 

Richard Morey at Northlands Boys High took an essay of mine and put huge red lines through most of it but circled a small portion where he wrote: “Do more of this. This is writing,” and I was on cloud 9. He also made us write everyday. I’m still doing it. Frank Graham at Northlands Boys High believed in me, saw something he really affirmed, told me I was going to be alright although he told me in Afrikaans.

I guess he was right. Mostly.