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August 11, 2021

A handful of axioms

by Rod Smith
  • Define yourself before someone else does. There is always someone willing to have that pleasure for you.
  • We are all to be treasured, honored, and valued. Our worth has nothing to do with economic status or educational status.
  • Bitterness and cynicism always poison the bearer and are never helpful. Few things distort a future as powerfully as holding onto past disappointments.
  • Truth and vulnerability expressed in mutual and respectful relationships are always helpful. Not everyone you meet deserves your vulnerability. Some people really are out to get you.
  • Know what you want even if there is no chance or little chance of getting what you want. Knowing what you want will somewhat steer you from really unwise choices although nothing is foolproof.
  • Watch your words, make them sweet, in the event you have to eat them.
  • Humble yourself before life does it for you. Life has a way of addressing arrogance and pride even if it sometimes takes its time.
  • Stay out of control and keep most of the rules of polite society. Don’t fall into guilt traps usually set by people who have no vision for their own lives.