by Rod Smith

Are you ever disappointed in your sons? Do they ever let you down, are you ever angry with them? You write about them as if they’re perfect.

My sons are far from perfect. I’m far from perfect as a man and as a dad. I trust I have not given the overriding impression that we have an idyllic family. We don’t. As imperfect as my sons may be, I regard them as being close to perfect in my eyes. It’s the way I see them. It’s the way I choose to see them. My sons’ imperfections pale next to mine at their respective ages. They are both open and transparent with me in ways I never was with my own parents.

Do they ever disappoint me? Yes, but it is usually very short-lived. I’m usually quick to see that sometimes my expectations are unrealistic. Do I make excuses for them? Of course, I love them. I am blind to many of their faults and thank goodness they’re blind many of mine. Do I ever get angry with them? Far more than I’d like to admit. But it is almost always because I’m projecting something from my history onto their fairly innocent lives.

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