Inside out

by Rod Smith

Everything begins inside. Every act of benevolence, of mercy, human kindness, begins within whomever generates it. The head, heart, mind, the soul of the person conceiving it is where it begins. Then it can be developed and shared with others until it grows and even become a movement.

Destruction also begins inside. Deceitful plans, selfishness, begin on the inside. Such motivations may be born in desperation, hunger, jealousy, selfishness, or lust; nonetheless they come from within.

Many poor people will not cheat and desperate people who do not feed the desperation with immoral actions. The soul, that powerful combination of heart, mind, spirit is the rudder, that steers the ship. The inside, the inner person, is essential in directing a person’s life, and should not be ignored or denied.

When I avoid the messages from within, and walk towards that which I know is unhealthy for me, I’m deploying my own destructive ends. When my inner person says “yes” to destructive things, I know I’m creating a pathway to my own dis-ease and downfall. When I acknowledge the dangers thoughts and motivations lurking within me, and pay heed to the warning lights, I save myself from an awful lot of pain and anguish, and pain and anguish for others, too.

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