Emotional wellness

by Rod Smith

Emotional wellness, but for the severely unwell, is something you can self-monitor, much like you can take your own blood pressure. Nobody is healthy all the time; few are unhealthy all the time. Most of us have good and not-so-good days. May this column lead you to reflection and a day of joy and greater emotional health. Please don’t use these lists to classify others.

Healthy people: Promote freedom and discovery. They are open and clear about expectations, move on efficiently after disappointment. They forgive others. They are aware that they can be misguided and are open to correction. They are steered, guided from inner values and ambitions. Healthy people are grateful to others and know how much they need others. They try to keep their word and truth is important to them.

Less healthy people: Display jealousy, possessiveness, and revel in secrecy and gossip. They collect scars, wounds, hurts like trophies. They hold onto resentments and anger. They usually have to be right and win arguments and are shaped by outside pressures and others. They want to appear self made, as if they need no help from anyone, or they “leech” off others as if they are the responsibility of their friends. They tell lies quite easily, as if it’s normal.

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