What do you do with emotional pain?

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday – Pain

What do you do emotional pain?

If, in the midst of emotional pain, I tell myself that “all people have pain” or that “it’s normal to have pain” or that “my pain is not as bad as the pain others have to endure” I know I am not really dealing with it.

It’s not serving its useful exposing or healing purpose.

This form of self-talk retains the experience in my head and blocks its necessary journey to my heart, my inner being.

This can go on for years, running around my head forming a pathway, a deepening, inescapable ditch.

If I admit that pain is a useful messenger and that some of it is a result of poor choices, the result of misguided self-importance, unique to me, and give myself some time, space to mourn the lack of connection I am experiencing, then the pain makes its rejuvenating transition to my heart.

I escape the ditch, the circular thinking and strongly experience my frailties, my vulnerabilities.

Once the inner-journey is made, from head to heart, I find I am able to treasure the growth rather than endlessly self-punish for things I did when I knew better but lacked the wisdom to behave accordingly.

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