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October 13, 2019

Emotional wellness

by Rod Smith

TheMercuryRSA – Monday

Emotional wellness

I am doing well when I can think ahead, despite immediate pressures. When I am reactive, humorless (within reason – some things are never funny), my emotional-wellness requires some adjusting. If I persist in being reactive, and refuse to reflect and get matters into context and perspective, I am headed for trouble. Not good.

I am doing well when I regard all other men and women to be as fallible, fragile, and flawed as I am. Of course, there’s value in respecting people who handle life and responsibilities well, but I am better off in a world without pedestals. When I repeatedly elevate others (no matter who they are or what positions they hold) I am headed for trouble. Not too good.

I am doing well when I am involved in the lives of the people in our community, whether it is at work, at church, or in the neighborhood, where the bonds are not binds, and the relationships are not traps, and the hallmark is freedom, respect, and equality. When I become controlling or lose my identity to the group, I am headed for trouble. Tough times are ahead.

I am doing well when my first response to others is to listen and to be generous with my time and resources. When I am repeatedly tightfisted, I am heading for trouble. Generosity is the backdrop of emotional wellness. If I’m mean, repeatedly, where mean and stingy are my default positions, watch out brick wall, I’m headed your way.