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October 9, 2019

No communication

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Thursday

“There’s just no communication!”

I’ve heard versions of, “the problem in this relationship, family, business, school, church, charity, hospital, whatever, is that there is no communication” quite frequently.

This is usually the mantra of those on the “outside” of the decision-making process. It is especially repeated when those who are on the “outside” of the decision-making are either supposed on the inside, according to their roles, or those who think, correctly or incorrectly, they should be.

There is never “no communication.”

Individuals, groups, are constantly communicating.

The breakdown is often a failure to hear, to “read,” discern, or believe what it is being communicated.

Discerning what is being communicated in a “living system” where there is said to be “no communication” takes a mix of courage, honesty, and risk. It takes the capacity to realize that what is being communicated may not be a preferred message.

An unwanted or tough message is often interpreted as there being “no communication.”

“No communication” communicates volumes.

The challenge lies in responding in such a manner that illuminating dialogue may occur so the “no communication” may be understood.

What is this person, family, charity, school, and so forth, saying by saying so little or by shutting people out of the process of what is or not going on?


Do you have the ears and the courage to hear what’s not being said……?