Column turns 18!

by Rod Smith

This daily newspaper column turns 18 today. It’s been that many years you’ve been reading my work and some of you have been with me every day from the very beginning. Thank you.

People often ask me why I do it. I can tell you exactly why:

  • Writing is a wonderful way to keep yourself somewhat sane. The daily joy of articulating matters of mental health and powerful living helps me to be the best version of myself (most days). As I’ve frequently written, I am my first audience and often my harshest critic.
  • It gives me great joy to hear from the many readers who have found the column helpful when making life-changing decisions.
  • The column keeps me connected with a city I love and a part of the world that’s inseparably part of who I am.

The manner in which a newspaper column can sometimes travel is fascinating. My best example is reflected in an email I got from Jamaica which read something like, “I was digging through some old newspapers here in Montego Bay and found this newspaper column and I wondered if you still have the same email address.”

Readers, occasional; readers, committed, I say a hearty thank you.

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