Woman’s Day

by Rod Smith

WOMEN’S DAY – My bit…..

The successful, or the enriched woman …..

1. Knows she never has to participate in sexual activity she does not want; and knows that her body is her own and private temple which she shares, even in marriage, only when it is by her own sacred, deliberate choice.

2. Does not lose herself in her marriage, or to motherhood, or in taking care of her family, but is able to develop a strong, vibrant sense of self, even while being a loving wife, mother, friend and professional in her career of choice.

3. Does not allow herself to be taken for granted, to be sworn at, to be victimized by anyone, not husband, children, in-laws, siblings, parents or co-workers.

4. Lives above manipulation, domination, intimidation, and has relationships that are therefore pure and open, mutual, and respectful.

5. Is able to articulate her deepest dreams, desires, and fears to those whom she loves, without fearing a response of indifference or rejection.

6. Is a woman, who, in the midst of the pressures of work, motherhood and marriage, maintains her unique, powerful voice.

7. Is able to delay gratification for the greater good of her family and community.

8. Has a playful, open, adult relationship with her mother and/or woman in her mother’s age group, and is therefore free of feelings of jealousy and envy with her peers.

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