by Rod Smith

The Mercury – Wednesday / Pitfalls of Leadership / No matter who you are or what you lead…..

• Using your role and influence for personal gain or for matters unrelated to your position as a leader. These can be as “innocent” as using your influence for premier seating on planes or thinking you’re too important to wait in lines. The minute you use your role outside of its scope you create “us and them” and you will begin to lose the heart of your constituents.

• Believing that somehow you are above or superior to others and seek to be served an honored rather than seeking to serve others and honor your constituents. When you do this you may get temporary obedience but you will never have the heart of your constituents.

• Believing you are owed more than the joy that’s imbedded in leading anything at all. This shows you are leading for selfish reasons.

• Manipulating people and groups by being aloof when it serves you and being vulnerable and connected when it serves you. “Playing” people in this manner confuses your constituents and will create unwanted resistance when and where you don’t need it.

• Elevating people “beneath” you into a special or private conversations and ignoring others who occupy similar status within your hierarchy. This kind of power-play will come back to haunt you.

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