by Rod Smith

There is always an option to be kind whatever the circumstance.

Being kind does not mean you cannot be assertive, that you must accommodate poor service or poor manners, or that you have to be a pushover. Such conclusions are nonsense.

Kindness begins and has its life within you already.

Or, it doesn’t.

Kindness is a character issue. It is not contingent on what’s going on around you. It’s an expression of what is going on in you.

If you or I believe our negative responses like unkindness or irritability or rudeness are subject to what’s going on around us we will continue to live as victims – and make others into our victims. While this is our mindset we will be played by circumstance and become as unpredictable as circumstance. People who trust and depend on us will become edgy as they perceive tides change around us.

When you and I take responsibility for ourselves and plan our inner-day and make kindness toward self and others a high priority, we become storm calmers, peacemakers, and the trust quotient afforded to us by others, especially those who are nearest and dearest, will enjoy and safe and steady incline.

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