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January 23, 2019

He says our house is my priority

by Rod Smith

“My husband said this morning that it looks like our house was my priority over our relationship. We discussed it in my lift club of women and it would appear that women do put their houses as a priority, wanting it to look neat and beautiful without clutter. Is it a crime?”

It appears your husband’s wife-house-relationship monitoring is his priority, which makes me ponder how much effort he gives to both the house and your marriage or, does he consider both to be women’s work?

Perhaps you could both (together) decide to have your husband take full care of the house so you may offer greater attention to your relationship.

You’re in a classic double bind: neglect the house and you’re going to hear about it. Care for the house and you’re regarding it as a priority over your marriage. Either way you lose.

I’m interested: which requires greater effort and maintenance, husband, house, or marriage?

While it’s all on you you’re married to an under functioning man. While you cooperate with him as if it’s all on you, you are over functioning and headed for burnout.

You’ll know your husbands (lift club women) have grown up when they focus on their houses and their marriages and offer their wives full and endless freedom to love and explore their heartfelt passions, interests, and friendships.