It doesn’t have to be this way…..

by Rod Smith

The family break, the schism between brother and brother, daughter and mother, can be resolved. That loss of a long-held friendship, that business or church breakup, can be healed.

While being right is more important than being loving the schism will grow and the pain and the hardness will multiply and bitterness will become a way of life.

Oh, you may say there is no more pain, no hardness, but this is just one source of your anger.

That flare of hot anger you feel in totally unrelated circumstances? This is where it started. That capacity you have to ignore the needy, treat the outcast with contempt? This is one of the places that inhuman “ability” got a jump-start within.

You may indeed have been right, but you are yet alienated from each other just as if you’d been wrong. Now your anger is your unaddressed grief turned to hardness, sarcasm, and contempt, and it is playing its let-me-out-of-here game.

Come to the table embracing Humility and you will find full reconciliation. Bow your heart, be the first to do it, even if you are the one more offended.

Forgiveness and reconciliation will not do their beautiful work while pride, entitlement, victimhood, and contempt are doing theirs.

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