The center of gravity has shifted

by Rod Smith

img_0968The center of gravity in my family has changed.

When the new year sauntered in each of son sent me a text. The one sent three lowercase letters that I was instantly able to decode as “happy new year.” The other spelled it each word. One was 5 minutes away at a party with all his basketball teammates, the other was an hour away with lifelong friends.

That both messages arrived on the nail of midnight meant a lot to me. It meant they were both thinking about me and, that they were thinking about me and both beat me to the keyboard to send greetings, gave me quite a lift.

But, I was far from down.

I could have been with either boy. I could have had us all together at New Year just as we did for at least most of their lives.

But, the center of gravity began to shift a few years ago and I was not going to get in its way.

I prefer a quiet new year.

Each boy has his own tight circle of peers.

The “we” of us is important but it the “we” in their respective peer groups is more so.

This “we” has served its purpose.

That “we” is doing its job.

Thanks be to God.


One Comment to “The center of gravity has shifted”

  1. You captured my thoughts. Thanks be to God. Happy NewYear!

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