Christmas Day

by Rod Smith

Every act of human goodness begins within the deepest recesses of an individual psyche, soul, or spirit – call that beautiful center of a person whatever you will.

It’s truly an inside job.

Kindness, generosity, forgiveness are bold, inner-initiatives. It’s got to happen in you. It’s got to happen in me. Before the goodness can overflow and touch others, and change families, and ripple through communities, it must do it’s powerful and good work first within.

We have to welcome the divine impulse to enrich those about us. We have to hear its sometimes whispered cry, acknowledge its gentle nudge, or feel its severe jolt within us, however it may choose to get our attention, and then respond to it, welcome it, foster it, so it takes root.

And, when it has taken root, it will do its good work. Little can stop it. It will attack all remnants of all prejudice, all prideful propensities, all inclination to harbor resentment, spread gossip, or demean others. Goodness will assist in the joy of regarding others as an opportunity to offer grace and hospitality. It assists you and me to see others as the miracles they are and remind us that people are not as they appear to be – they are as we are.

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