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December 21, 2018

Fragile, resilient, tenacious, and funny

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Thursday

We are a fragile bunch, we humans. I’ve seen it a hundred times in you and in me. A mere look from someone we love can render us broken-hearted and upset us for an entire day or until we find resolution.

We are a resilient bunch, we humans. I’ve seen it vastly more than I’ve seen our shared fragility. We know how to love, to forgive, and to give again and again. We know how to mine the best in others, even those who have not treated us very well. I’ve stood in wonder dozens of times by the resilience I have seen in people facing hard times.

We are a tenacious species. I’ve taken myself by surprise at my ability to get what I need and what I want for my sons and for myself despite considerable resistance from those who’d prefer me not to. Like you, I go at it, wanting nothing more or less than what is good and right for my family and for others in the firm belief that in all situations we can all win.

We are funny.

Born for family and born to thrive in community, and yet acting so often as if it’s the last thing we want.