Surround yourself with healthy people

by Rod Smith

Surround yourself with healthy people by being as healthy as possible yourself.

Here are signs you with healthy people:

  • They don’t get sucked in or sidetracked by other people’s issues.
  • They know the limits of their skills and talents and they don’t volunteer or get involved with things just to appear nice or helpful.
  • They build friendships slowly, really slowly.
  • When you are with them you always have more choices than you thought possible and you always feel a greater sense of freedom.
  • They are ambitious and have goals and sacrifice as necessary to achieve their goals.
  • They are close to their families but not trapped by the closeness.
  • They honor their parents, but, as adults, they know they are not expected to obey their parents.
  • They are kind to people who appear to be able to offer them nothing or little in return.
  • They are always kind to people who wait on them and serve them in any manner.
  • They avoid making heroes or victims out of anyone.
  • They focus on their own behavior and not the behavior of others.
  • They have zero desire to control the behaviors of others.
  • They are generous with their time, talents, and resources.

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