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September 12, 2018

How’s your heart?

by Rod Smith

How is your heart? What or where is the Human Heart? Clearly this is not about the physical beating organ in our chest, as powerful and as necessary and as crucial as each of ours is.

I think of it as the seat of emotion, the mind, the intellect, the spirit, the soul, the essence, the cross section of mind and body and spirit and soul – is the heart.

It’s the core or the essence of our individual beings. And, it can be broken. And, it can be shattered. And, it can be healed.

Taking care of your heart is about a lot more than eating well and watching your cholesterol.

Your heart (my heart) can go from bruised or broken to bold and onto being even more beautiful and bold than it already is.

Your heart is beautiful.

I have never met a person who did not have a beautiful heart, once you get to know him or her. Your heart may be broken, you may have been betrayed or even brutalised, but you will survive, you will rise up, you will love and be loved again.

Love your heart – it’s worth it.