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September 13, 2018

Five ways I know my clients are getting well…..

by Rod Smith

They become more playful and have more humor about their lives and their circumstances. A degree of healthy self-deprecation enters their awareness and they resist taking themselves quite so seriously.

They have more pushback on matters and their degree of compliance lessens in every aspect of their lives. “Doormat no longer” is their motto and they address life’s issues as if they are finally in charge of themselves.

Their concern with being perceived as “nice” or “helpful” or “agreeable” diminishes in exchange for being regarded as strong and kind, deliberate and propelled by a mission. They have a reason to live and it’s not connected only to a spouse or to children or grandchildren.

They become more and more aware of how their compliance in the past has resulted in allowing people to treat them poorly, and, they put a stop to being so compliant and to accepting poor treatment from others. They are even willing to sever relationships where they are disrespected.

They begin to enjoy life more than they did before even if very little actual change has occurred. They have come to terms with the reality that inner-heath, forgiveness, and personal fulfillment are all inside jobs and personal and individual pursuits.

September 13, 2018

How’s your heart…..?

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

How is your heart? What, where is the Human Heart? What are you putting your heart in to? Are you loving life and others and yourself and God with all of your heart?

Clearly I am not referring to the physical beating organ in our chests, as powerful, necessary, and as crucial as each of ours is.

The heart, as I’m referring to it here is the seat of our emotions; the inner place where the mind or intellect, and the spirit, and the soul, meet.

It’s our bold essence, the cross section of mind and body and spirit and soul – this is the heart.

The core.

The center.

Where the Self begins.

And, it can be broken. And, it can be shattered. And, it can be healed.

Taking care of your heart is about a lot more than eating well and watching your cholesterol or engaging in regular exercise.

Our hearts can go from bruised or broken to bold and then onto being even more beautiful than they already are.

I know your heart is beautiful.

I have never met a person who did not have a beautiful heart, once you get to know someone.

Your heart may be broken, you may have been betrayed or even brutalised, but you will survive, you will rise up, you will love and be loved again.

Love your heart – it’s worth it.

May you have a bold and beautiful day………