Are you planning a great week ahead?

by Rod Smith

If you want a strong week ahead here are some simple (not easy) things you can do right away:

Take a few minutes right now and, using the old fashioned way with a pencil and paper, write three or four ways you will know this has been a good week. Be sure to write about yourself and your behavior, not about others and their behavior. You are the only one over whom you have some semblance of control.

Get a pocket-sized notecard and on one side write, in red, four things during the coming week, you won’t do, things that usually develop into regret. On the reverse side, and in blue, write four things you will do.

For me the “red side” are things like, “Don’t agree to activities or favors, or events just to be nice” and “Take 24-hours to think about things before you make an important decision” and “Don’t provoke sons when you already know (and they already know) they are in the wrong.”

The blue side is “Speak up for yourself and the family even if what you say may be unpopular” and “Forgive even if the other person neither requests it or deserves it” and “Look to reconcile and to love more than trying to be right.”

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