Where do you get your ideas?

by Rod Smith

You may sometimes wonder where I find the ideas I write about.

I am frequently asked, “How do you do that everyday?”

Let me tell you:

This week I have been writing about my dad and the lessons I learned and have tried to learn from his life.


Well, one of my best friends and fellow expat, Nolan Smith (no relation) is in Durban this week because his father, Angus Smith, has just died. Nolan got to South Africa in time to see his dad and got to comfort him and to be with him during his final moments.

Nolan sent me a text yesterday and I called and we greeted each other as we often do with, “This is Rod Smith from Red Hill” to which he may have or may have not replied “This is Nolan Smith from Durban North.” Before long, as Nolan expressed thoughts about his loss I was crying my eyes out while trying to negotiate the Indianapolis traffic and I had to end the call.

The power of fathering and friendship and how our lives connect is foremost on my mind this week. Now you know why.

One Comment to “Where do you get your ideas?”

  1. Beautiful story Rod !

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