Longings for my sons…..

by Rod Smith

Seven longings I have for myself, my children* and students (past and present):

1. Personal Responsibility: that we live without blame, without the belief that someone, or something, is responsible for our futures, or, has caused our failures.

2. Absolute Forgiveness: that we become women and men who are able to forgive others even when it’s neither deserved nor necessarily recognized as needed.

3. Radical Hospitality: that we live with open doors, hearts, hands, and minds, ready to welcome strangers, waifs, loners, dignitaries, politicians, pastors, prostitutes, presidents, addicts, and enemies into our homes with generosity, love, and kindness.

4. Self Definition: that we are able to stand up for ourselves, think for ourselves, express our unique views, beliefs, and vision, without harming others.

5. That we be Interesting and Interested – given that there are enough lifeless, bored and boring people already.

6. That we Love and Trust God – not a weird (often dangerous) perversion created and perpetuated by anxiety-ridden, budget-driven pastors and politicians, but the Exciting, Vibrant, Intimate, Brave, Edgy, Deliberate God of the Ages, Who, without question or reservation, loves ALL people with clarity and passion and Who gives dignity and inestimable value to ALL.

7. See Beyond: that we be men and women who can see beyond the limitations we set for ourselves and the limitations others set for us (usually in “love”).

* no pressure boys

2 Comments to “Longings for my sons…..”

  1. Thank You Rod for your wonderful message and example in trying to share, without costs, ways to improve and grow our lives. Indeed we are proud of your South African roots and look forward to your visit, with your boys, soon. Franklin Thammiah- Durban SA.

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