Gifts we can each offer…..

by Rod Smith

Gifts we can offer those we love that cost everything and nothing all at the same time

• Listening – the willingness to listen without waiting to speak and without formulating a response or without re-arranging what we hear into something we may prefer to hear.

• Time – the willingness to schedule uninterrupted time together.

• Freedom – the willingness to resist taking or assuming control.

• Room for change – the willingness to allow those whom we love the freedom to change, the freedom to make errors, the freedom to be growing in ways we might not predict or expect.

• Thinking out loud – the willingness to allow those whom we love to speak things out as an exercise in exploring and planning.

• The possibility of failure – to be willing to encourage those whom we love to express new ideas and try new experiences with the understanding that they may not work.

• Room to apologize and to make things right – to offer those whom we love the space to express regret without recrimination or an attitude that says “I told you so.”

• Room even to “grow away” – some things the people whom we most love have to learn things alone and without us.

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