To anyone, especially the very young, tempted to self-harm…..*

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

Please, do not make such a drastic and permanent decision in your attempt to solve the problems you face or to alleviate the doom you feel.

Your actions will send your family reeling. They will be retelling of your death for decades as they attempt to piece together the mystery of why you chose to take your own life. Alternatively, your action may shock them into generations of silence, as they fail to resolve how you decided on an act so final. More important, much more important, you will miss your fabulous future and deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy all of life’s challenges and blessings.

You are loved – even though this may not be your immediate experience. And, you will be loved, even long after those you leave here will struggle to remember the sound of your voice.

There is a way through your overwhelming experience that does not involve self-harm. Always. I know it all now feels pointless. It’s not. There are adults and friends who can and will assist you. There are better days ahead for you even if everything feels impossible.

Please, make the slightest turn from the foreboding darkness desiring to envelop you. Edge toward a positive act, a miniscule movement toward a caring, trusted friend or adult. Whisper, or scream that you need help.

* There seems to be an increase in suicide among early teenage boys and girls in my city. Perhaps this will dissuade one such child in yours.

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