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September 21, 2017

Trade me in….

by Rod Smith

“I have been in a relationship for three years. I heard that my partner would trade me in like he did with girls before. It has made me half the person I use to be. Today he left me and I behaved so badly. How do I become a better person for someone to love? I am tired of the rejection. I am tired of being told I am like a stuck record. I am irritating. I am tired of being told I use my kids to blackmail him.”

You’ve revealed much in your short appeal. Sounds like you give a disrespectful man more power than any man should want and no man deserves. If his reputation includes trading in women then I’d question why you are willing to stay at all.

A man who loves you will inspire you to become twice the person you are. He will derive no joy from diminishing you.

If your partner left you and as a result you behaved poorly then you are hardly accurate if you are blaming him. You behavior is your responsibility just as his behavior is his.

I’d suggest you move on before the humiliating act of “trading you in” occurs.