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September 28, 2017

Worthwhile goals…..

by Rod Smith

Worthwhile goals – with the reminder that everything I write pertains first to me……

• Pay your debts, cash and other forms. Some debts can and will never be repaid and some mistakes will never be fully mended, but you can resolve to not make them again and you can hold yourself accountable for your own actions. Other people may have to suffer and learn from your mistakes, and that is rough enough, but if you don’t suffer and learn from your errors you are setting yourself up to repeat them. Some mistakes are really not worth repeating.

• Forgive completely and to the core. I know, I know, it’s very hard. But not doing so is even harder.

• Be someone’s shoulders – not to cry on although there is nothing wrong with that, but for another to stand on to reach goals he or she would not be able to reach without your help. Forget the costs or the credit or the applause. Empower as many people as possible just because you can.

• Go counter, respond in the “opposite spirit” (Loren Cunningham) – where people are hoarding and selfish be generous, where people are critical and full of judgment offer grace and comfort.