by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

For 14 years I have worked at an Episcopal school in Indianapolis.

I wanted this job because it meant that my children could attend a school I could otherwise not afford. And, it’s so close to our home we can hear the bell from our kitchen.

Both sons have completed the entire journey, one from grade 1, the other from when he was 3.

For 50-plus years St. Richard’s Episcopal School has served the greater Indianapolis area by providing a very diverse (from its inception) population of children a fine classic education.

This includes chapel on a very regular basis.

I love chapel and a highlight has always been the regular celebration of Eucharist. For 14 years when it came time for the “passing of the peace” I made a beeline for each of my sons, embraced them, shook hands, or did whatever their developmental stage would permit. I always found it moving. It would ease, even obliterate whatever morning domestic tensions we may have known over forgotten homework, lost books, or who didn’t take the trash out.

Yesterday was the first Eucharist celebration for this school year.

My younger is in high school and the older is at university.

When it came to passing the peace I didn’t know whether to sigh with relief or cry – so I did a little of both, one a little more than the other.

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