The weekend…..

by Rod Smith

With the weekend quickly dawning and one which will involve a lot of travel for me (I will be going home having spent the week teaching in Switzerland) I thought I’d invite you to the challenges I will set, in writing, for myself for the following few days. Perhaps you will embrace them, too:
·       I will work at being and becoming the most generous person I know.
·       Similarly, I will work at being and becoming the most forgiving person I know.
·       I will consistently reduce the amount of effort, care, and attention I need from others and thus hopefully earn a reputation for being “low-maintenance.” 
·       I will look for adventure in changes, especially those that are neither anticipated nor desired and over those with which I have neither authority nor control.
·       I will be as clear as possible about who I am and what I want so that the need for guessing and anticipation is reduced for those who interact with me.
·       I will look for opportunities to give and receive love, especially where both giving it and receiving it may be least expected.
·       I will govern myself well so that I may be proud of my self-handling and the handing of others as both pertain to my roles and responsibilities.     

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