In The White Water: Principles of Functioning

by Rod Smith

Presented by Bob Hunter

Focus on your own functioning: Don’t let the crisis become the axis around which your world revolves.
Develop a support system outside of the work system: professional helpers, family, and friends.
Stay focused on long-term goals.
Deep breathing  - Prayer  -  Meditation: (And CYCLING!!)
Listen to your body.
Watch the triangles.  

The “molecules of human relationship”

The person in the “responsibility position” ends up with the stress.
Work out a balance between being responsible for self and being [labeled] obstreperous.  (“Not a team player”)
Keep the system loose through humor.
It’s time to make decisions when the same question brings no new information.
Accept the possibility that one’s own functioning brought it on, which means that one may be able to influence one’s recuperation.
A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix, by Edwin Friedman; p. 302

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