Voice? Or just talking….

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Voice? or Talking? 

Don’t get them confused….

Learning to use your voice is no simple task and ought not be confused with talking. Many people talk an awful lot, who’ve been talking almost non-stop for years, but seldom use their voices. 

Some people, very sadly, for a variety of reasons, don’t even know they have one.  

All talking does not mean the speaker is using his or her voice anymore than banging on a piano always produces music.

Talking without using your voice:

• Talking because silence is painful or even unbearable

• Talking without thinking 

• Saying things you’ve said countless times because the tape (CD, record) runs whether you like it or not  

• Talking about things that are safe and familiar – even intimate matters – to avoid and even bury material that is aching to come out. 

Using your voice:

• Addressing necessary conflict and areas of disagreement with kindness and compassion even in the event it results in discomfort in relationships

• Allowing necessary silence to promote thought and the time to allow ideas to develop

• Expressing (even sometimes with necessary caution) the things that really matter even if the potential exists to upset those whom you love.

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